18 April 2011

Still... Magnolias.

Spring is starting to peek up in New York. As such, Yvette thought it'd be a good idea to take a spin around Central Park this weekend. She is kind of obsessed with magnolias. There is a tree near the Central Park Zoo she claims as her own. No, she didn't buy the tree. No, she didn't plant it. She just claims to own it. She even calls it Maggie. At this point, you realize Yvette is a helpless romantic, right?

Knowing we were at her mercy of knowledge, she indulged herself by sharing some pretty interesting facts about magnolias.

Did you know the tree (or shrub, depending on which type you're looking at and whose company you're keeping) was named after a french botanist, Pierre Magnol?

She told Black Jack that the flowers are thought to have developed to encourage pollination by beetles, not bees. "Sure thing. And I'm a bat," was all he said.

Before she could tell him, Magnus pointed out that the magnolia was a design element of Mississippi's state flag up until 1864 and is the current state flower of Louisiana. A bit flustered, she turned to The Twins and repeated the exact same thing and then flew off in a huff.

Blanketed in petals, Penny was almost asleep (something she rarely does) when Yvette startled her by popping up to tell her that magnolia leaves are used for wrapping food in Japan! Penny turned to her, a little miffed, and asked, "What am I? Sushi?!"

She couldn't help but think of the the short story "Flowers for Algernon" when she found Al tucked away enjoying the quiet.

Finding his Zen beneath the pink, Stilts had some conversations with Yvette regarding the medicinal uses of some magnolias. Supposedly, the bark helps with anxiety, allergies, and asthma. All from bark?

Sometimes, a little Yvette goes a long way but in the end, we found a definite connection to her magnolia. We did, however, draw the line when she began assigning roles to re-enact scenes from Steel Magnolias. "It would just be so perfect while sitting in Maggy!"

Black Jack pushed her off the branch.


  1. Love this Red! I happen to love the Magnolia! I love the bloom! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  2. What can I say? NO words!!! Just absolutely captivating! xoxox Mom

  3. oh my...you know these are my ALL time favorite thing about the spring right!? love them....