16 May 2011

The Twins & Olaf's

With Spring springing, The Twins have been talking about new duds. They are the first to admit they aren't Scott Schumann (aka The Sartorialist), but since they see twice as much as the rest of us, they have a good knack of finding the quizzical and the curious. That's how they spotted Olaf's Men's Vintage.

Entering the front door, they immediately spotted the typewriter. "It isn't a Sholes & Glidden," said the first, "And it ain't no MacBook Air, either," said the second. "They just don't make them like they used to," they said in unison.

One of The Twins spotted a nice pair of wingtips, ideal for weekend trips to the shore. Suddenly, a voice from above asked, "Are you poaching my Brogues?" The Twins blinked, unsure of what to say. "I'm kidding. Their yours. I have 3 pairs. And hello. My name is Edward. Edward Ian Script. Shall I show you around?"

The under-Twin hefted the other birds up to the upper-body rack. "They've got everything," chimed Edward, "but if you're in Brooklyn, you wear plaid. I prefer Pendleton to Penguin."

Next, Edward pulled them over to view his favorite antique in the store: a rotary phone. As he nestled up to it and waxed eloquent, The Twins faded from the history lesson because they spotted a relic Rolling Stones sticker. This quickly initiated a debate between who was better: The Rolling Stones or Queen.

They tried helping Edward find some "seasonal appropriate" boots. 

The Twins found more collectibles: pewter steins, burlap sacks, coin-collecting books, and even a pair of antlers mounted on crushed red velvet.

Ever the gentlemen, Edward took some time with the Lampshade Ladies discussing the Victorians' effect on modern-day sports. "Without the Victorians, we'd all be a bag of bones." Immediately, the ladies' eyes narrowed and they asked if he'd like to volunteer to join their badminton game: "We've lost our birdy." Edward bowed just in time to dodge the racquet. 

Trying to see the bright side of his NDE and knowing his love for the game, The Twins suggested Edward consider donating his feathers to shuttlecock-science. An awkward silence followed.

"Or how about Tennis? What's more American than tennis?" The Twins asked. "Well, for starters: corn flakes, The Fourth of July, baseball, Chow mein, and Virginia Ham..." Edward melodically mumbled.

All three birds sat and stared at the Grundig Majestic. "German designers... they just don't make them like they used to," Edward whispered. The Twins readily agreed with him.

But maybe the best treasure they found was something that hit close to home for all of them: an old typography book. The Twins had examined the typeface earlier when they were looking through the "O" at the window. Now with Olaf's logotype in front of them, Edward did some sleuthing: "From the looks of it, I'd say Engravers Shaded. I wonder where the birds are?"

The Twins looked at the antiquated clock on the wall and realized they were out of time. "You should come meet The Jolly Troop, Edward," the over-Twin suggested. "It would be my pleasure," he replied. And with that, the three flew over the heads of two french men, a beautiful lady, and a black dog into the Court Street air of Brooklyn.

Olaf's Men Vintage
453 Court Street
Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens)
(347) 457-5796

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