24 January 2012

Penny Purple Planning

Penny isn't a pouter. But for some reason, after the big winter holidays and all the gatherings, she found herself feeling ultraviolet because she's the only purple member of the Troop. The reds have taken in Edward, Yvette has forced herself in with the yellows and of course, Black Jack and The Twins revel in being achromatic. She didn't want to feel blue, so she did what she did best: she made plans for an adventure.


POINT NO. 1: PULL OUT A MAP    All "serious" adventures require a map. Find one in your grandpa's study, a local Maverick gas station, your city library, under the seat of your mom's car or on the internet. Become familiar with the names of streets and rivers. Determine a point of interest. Did you know Boston's nickname is "Beantown?" Did you know map-makers are called cartographers

POINT NO. 2: FIND A TOUR GUIDE    Who says you have to pay for a tour guide? If possible, find a friend that knows the area and can show you the best places to visit. If you don't have a friend there, make one. Ask for some pointers! Make sure to keep your traveler's guidebook (Rick Steve's, Frommer's, Lonely Planet) handy and thank the tour guide with dinner, a hi-5, and a commitment to help the next stranger in your neighborhood.

POINT NO. 3: TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED    You will remember your adventure better if you do what Robert Frost suggests: "take the [road] less traveled by." Duck down an alley or street or place NOT listed in your guidebook. Get lost finding it. Make your way back to the road "more" traveled. Getting lost helps you remember.

POINT NO. 4: EAT LOCAL WITH THE LOCALS    Enjoying great food is one of the best parts of an adventure. Ask local folks the best places to eat and where you can find the best "local" dish. Do yourself a favor and stay away from flavors you are used to. Make sure to treat yourself to at least one delicious meal. Did you know Boston is known for their baked beans?

POINT NO. 5: SEIZE THE DAY    You don't have to do the Newsies dance to seize the day. Take time in this new place you've found. Explore the details. Document it by shooting photographs of your favorite things and writing about it. Don't rush the day. Choose 2 or 3 things to enjoy that day and call it good!

POINT NO. 6: SEE THE LIGHTS    Make sure to spend time "seeing the lights." Enjoy the night life because it is usually when the city comes to life! Find a cafĂ©. Listen to live music. See a dance performance. Stop to enjoy a street performer and make sure to leave them a tip—it's good karma, but it also supports their incredible talents.

POINT NO. 7: GET SWEATY    Try exercising in a different way than you're used to while you're on your adventure. Walk to the bridge and back. Run the fire escape. Take a yoga class in the park. Swim across a river. Paddle a kayak in a pond. Break up your routine by creating a new sweat-body memory.

POINT NO. 9: BE OF GOOD CHEER(S)    Adventures are adventures because things don't always work as they are planned. Be flexible. Relax. Laugh about the unexpected things. Enjoy the people you meet because next time you visit, you'll be in a place where everybody knows your name!


  1. My goodness... I used to watch Cheers in Bulgaria, long before I had any hope of coming to the US... Please let's go there sometime? Aaaah.... This is lovely, Dal, thank you :)

  2. Thanks for my little quick trip around Boston! This was great!!!