23 April 2012

Competing at Coney Island

A change of wind whipped through the Troop a few weeks ago when The Twins apologized to one another. I thought the gust had something to do with the Vernal Equinox but I was wrong. Have you ever felt a rush in saying—or hearing—I'm sorry? To celebrate their reunion, The Twins headed up our skein and led the Troop to Coney Island.

Did you know every July 4th there is a hot dog eating contest on Coney Island at Famous Nathan's? Did you know the 2011 winner ate 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes? Can you find the best seats in the house occupied by Pascal, Roman, Black Jack, Yvette and The Twins?

While we were digesting our dogs and talking about plans to see the Mermaid Parade this year, something flew by our heads and almost tipped us off our brollies (except for Silas—he's always hanging upside down). Coney Island is a mysterious place so I whistled for my best mate so he could investigate.

Have you ever had to tell your best friend something you know they wouldn't like? "I saw and felt a brown bird fly by that might be as fast as you, so I think you should check it out." When Black Jack gets mad, he goes totally silent. He flew off without saying a word.

Have you ever been number 1 at something, only to meet somebody that might make you a number 2? Being the best is the best when you're the best, but when that changes, it's not the best. Black Jack found the brown bird near The Scream Zone and challenged him to a race. "I'm going to break your wind," was all Black Jack could mumble.

Sometimes going from the top to the bottom can feel like a roller coaster...

... especially when your friends are watching.

But never doubt your friends, because your friends are your fans...

... even when you come in second place.

As it turns out, the brown bird wasn't the jerk Black Jack thought he would be. Just because somebody can do something better than you, doesn't mean they are mean. The brown bird treated us to ice-cream and then gave us a tour of Luna Park.

It turns out, Baron (the brown bird) was raised near the amusement park so he's been doing stunts his entire life and he even taught us a few (you would have mistook Penny for a clucky, spring chicken).

I found my best mate and sat with him for a spell. Soon, BJ flew up to Baron and apologized for being a jerk about the race. Baron quickly responded by saying, "No worries, man. Hey—could you show me how you turned that dive at the end of the cork-screw?" And just like that, a wind blew two new friends together.

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