30 July 2012

The Nature of Honesty

A short time ago, the Universe threw me a real curve-ball and my world did a backflip and lost all of its color. When I was able to find my balance, I found myself thinking about honesty.

Grass is honest because it always remains what it is, from seedling to blade—even if it's wild.

The sky is honest and will tell you whether you need a raincoat, in that moment, or whether you need to clean the lens on your camera.

Lakes are beautiful but can be deceptive because how do you know how deep they really are?

I am never stumped by Nature's honesty—She always shows you her true colors, especially on a clear day.

Did you know that rocks can tell you the truth about time?

Sundials are honest (if you know how to use them correctly) and will tell you the time of day as long as the sun is able to shine.

When I took some time to be honest with myself, I realized honesty's beauty: honesty makes things very clear and easy to see.

And even though honesty can be jagged and craggy—even though honesty can feel like you're stepping on pine needles—it can also be soothing, colorful and a trusted friend.

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  1. This is beautiful. Thank YOU for always being honest :)